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Three weeks ago I wrote a post about the best way to build community, highlighting my recent service with small groups and reflecting on what works and what (generally) doesn’t work in getting people to share their lives with one another. After fifteen years of pursuing Christ in community, my most mature conviction about how to do this is to simply take the life I’m already living and invite others to be part of it (as opposed to constantly adding more meetings, more commitments, and so forth).

This week I caught up with my friend Nelson Klaiber to talk about his response to that post. I thought this would interest you because Nelson is the pastor with whom I am currently working as a small group director. Nelson is also a firefighter and an all-around great guy. Continue Reading…

Photo Credit: @superamit Flickr via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: @superamit Flickr via Compfight cc

“Community” is something of a buzzword these days; different people use it to describe different things. Overall, though, most people who use the word envision deeper, more intimate relationships between themselves and other people.

Christianity community centers around the person, work, and teaching of Jesus, but the core concept remains the same: Community means sharing life with each other. Church leaders, ministers, pastors, small group practitioners, and workers of all sorts are engaged with this question of how to form, create, build, or otherwise enjoy a deeper experience of community. Continue Reading…