Those who see, see upside down

October 15, 2014 — 2 Comments
Photo Credit: h.koppdelaney via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: h.koppdelaney via Compfight cc

How does this world look to you? Is it right side up or upside down?

Growing up, you learn how to exist in the world and how to play by its rules when it comes to business, school, work, ect. But then you get a glimpse of the Kingdom and you are struck by one glaring fact:

It looks different. Very different. Upside-down different, really.

In the Kingdom of God you win by losing. You gain by giving. You live by dying. Indeed, it is quite contrary the way the world works.

This is why the savvy businessman or the silver-tongued orator is not necessarily an asset to the work of God. Their natural gifts and talents, honed through years of successful operation in the world, do not necessarily count toward spiritual ends. Operations and values are different from one realm to the next.

What counts toward spiritual value in and through a person is not their gifting or natural resource, but the measure of brokenness in their life and its resulting manifestation of Christ.

Those are just words on a screen, I know. But they are vitally important to the man or woman who would know the Lord and serve His purpose.

“Unless you become like a child,” Jesus said, “You will never enter the Kingdom.” So all that you’ve learned about how to operate in this world will have to be discarded and left outside when you enter into Christ. Spiritual education is starting all over again at the kindergarten level. You may be prized by multitudes of people and successful in business, but that doesn’t mean you know a single iota about service in the Kingdom.

If you lean on your own wisdom, if you live by reason alone, if you trust in your strength and ingenuity to get you through the day, Christ will be of no effect to you. The Bible will be but a collection of inspirational quotes to live by and not food for your spirit. You will never see what the Church really is or how to be a living member of her fellowship.

In Christ, the last shall be first and the first shall be last. If you don’t know what that means then there is no use trying to make sense of it. Just go about your day and flip through your devotional book each morning for a little morsel of warm inspiration, because that’s all Christ will ever be to you.

But if you hunger for His reality, take that word to God and lay yourself open before Him. Ask to be born from above and be given eyes to see what only children see.

Those who see, see upside down.

Chances are you will still go to work, still go to school, and still live by the rules of this world to the degree that you remain “in” it. But in your relationship to God and your service among those who embody His kingdom in their fellowship, things will be different, and it will be a learning experience from day one.

May God haste the day when this becomes the kind of thing they teach people in new believers courses.

2 responses to Those who see, see upside down

  1. It seems like He always has wanted a people who were different from the rest of the world. People who would follow after His heart and leading.It sounds “upside down”, you are right. Only because it is not the norm, people want to pattern themselves after what the world and it’s leaders/celebs tell them is right, or best. I don’t know if it is a pride thing or insecurity or just laziness.
    The Israelite people had a special relationship with God, they wanted to be like the other nations and have a earthly leader. One who would lead them, tell them what to do. Today the church has become the very same way, Christians don’t want to have the personal relationship with Christ, they don’t want the responsibility of seeking and knowing Him, they want a leader to do it for them and tell them what to do.- Hey, all the other religions of the world have leaders to tell them what to do, tell them what to read, build building (elaborate ones) for them to come and worship in, take their money,and professionalize all their ministries, we should as well. That would give us equal credibility, don’t you think?
    Seems like we still would rather have a bunch of rules to follow. Like we would rather replace knowing our beautiful Lord, with doctrines, theology, and printed words on a page. These are all good, but should never take the place of the personal relationship with our Lord.
    Thanks for sharing. JM.

  2. Yes, the perspective of God is different from human idea. Your following statement is worth reading:
    “In the Kingdom of God you win by losing. You gain by giving. You live by dying. Indeed, it is quite contrary the way the world works.”

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