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Photo Credit: Olivander via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Olivander via Compfight cc

Years ago I began collecting quotes. Every time I would happen upon something that made me say “Yes!” I would stop and write it down. Now I have an entire library of quotes at my disposal where I can always find a word to challenge, comfort, or inspire–my own personal collection of voices from the past. The practice has been so beneficial to me that I definitely recommend you do it for yourself.

In the meantime, though, here are some selections from my collection for your encouragement. I will update this list periodically, so be sure to check back from time to time. Follow the links and enjoy!

Roland Allen

Eberhard Arnold

Myron Augsburger

Frank Bartleman

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Samuel Chadwick

Oswald Chambers

G.K. Chesterton

Titus Chu

Shane Claiborne

Will Durant

Gene Edwards

Jim Elliot

Albert Einstein

Devern Fromke

Mahatma Gandhi

Anthony Norris Groves

Jeanne Guyon

Thomas Kelly

Soren Kierkegaard

Martin Luther King, Jr.

C.S. Lewis

Martin Luther

Thomas Merton

Watchman Nee

Philip Schaff

J.B. Stoney


Henry David Thoreau

Leo Tolstoy

A.W. Tozer

Mark Twain

Frank Viola

H.G. Wells

Elie Wiesel

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  1. You know me brother. I love a good quote(s).

  2. “Serve in Spirit,” an awesome book by Watchman Nee

    A couple years ago a new Watchman Nee book was published. It had a
    profound effect on me. I made a list of some of the most meaningful
    statements and now want to use this opportunity to share it.

    Read each one slowly … meditate on each rich and humbling message.

    “The outward man must be broken so that God may be manifested, the
    inward man may come forth, and God’s work may be done.”

    “What the world needs is the treasure, not the earthen vessel.”

    “The love of self renders the work of the Lord in one’s life fruitless.”

    “All our circumstances are arranged by God. There is nothing

    “We need to go through strict dealings, for God wants to use us as thermometers to measure the spiritual conditions of His people.”

    “In whatever point we have been disciplined and broken, in that very point we are able to touch others …”

    “We must undergo much brokenness in order to be more serviceable.”

    “Only those who have been sick and healed know what sickness is.”

    “We need broken men to preach the gospel.”

    “The cross in not a doctrine but a practice.”

    “No teaching, doctrine or memory can break the outward man. Beating is the only natural way for the breaking of the outward man.”

    “The reason people fall down before the Lord is because they begin to see that what they consider as of the Lord proves to be out of self.”

    “We truly should put ourselves in the Lord’s hand, absolutely and unreservedly giving ourselves to Him, willing to be killed under light and be broken down in His arranged circumstances.”

    “Light causes one to fall. It finishes you.”

    “How frequently we think it is our relatives, friends and colleagues
    who give us troubles … it is God who is dealing with us.”

    “Meekness is a characteristic of being broken … (a) ‘contrite’ spirit is
    the sign of brokenness.”

    “Only a broken person knows how to edify people best.”

    “The Holy Spirit … arranges circumstances to break us.”

    “The Lord uses authority to keep us from making mistakes … When
    authority is right, I receive supply. When authority is wrong, I accept

    “Outpouring may come suddenly, but brokenness requires years of
    discipline. Those who are gifted need to be humbled.”

    “Spirituality never gives us a feeling of confidence or boldness … We
    feel inadequate and still we labor on.”

    “It is only in serving that the measure of brokenness is shown. A
    person who is broken should always serve feeling meek and disabled.”

    “God will use nothing that comes out of man himself, neither the
    wisdom of the wise nor the foolishness of the fool.”

    “The trial of fire brings in purity.”

    “Be thankful for more dealings, for such dealings are evidence that the Lord has more hope in the life of such a one.”

    “The foundation of ministry and of being a servant of the Lord rests
    upon how many wounds one possesses in life…”

    Is it any wonder I consider Watchman Nee’s books essential for spiritual
    growth and maturity?

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