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Thanks for visiting my site. I hope the writings and resources you find here are an encouragement to you. If this is your first time visiting you may want to click here to read about the meaning behind In Search of a City and the overall purpose of the blog, but otherwise feel free to browse around and enjoy.

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I was raised in a Christian home where I recall being sensitive to spiritual things from an early age. My family attended church often so I have all the typical memories of growing up in kids’ classes, vacation Bible schools, and so on. These helped form an adequate foundation of familiarity with Scripture that I was able to build on later.

In senior year of high school I began to follow Christ when a good friend of mine committed suicide. Another friend was staying with me at the time and we leaned heavily on each other through the ordeal. He was a Christian before me, and though he was not much ahead of me in terms of maturity I grew leaps and bounds thanks to his influence.

From the beginning I saw that to be a Christian was no mere cultural fashion and that discipleship meant turning the whole person over to God. “Unless you take up your cross daily and follow me,” Jesus had said, “you cannot be my disciple.” I hardly knew what that meant but I believed it.

As a result, my earliest experience of Christian community was with a small group of friends who would gather for prayer, Bible study, or just to spend time together. We were a rag-tag bunch but our devotion was sincere. Our different backgrounds made for some fun debate, but we found common ground in Christ and enjoyed sharing our lives with one another.

My family attended a small Baptist church where I first sensed the “call” to ministry and took initial steps to fulfill it, standing in for the pastor to speak whenever he requested. That was also where I first saw the messiness of country church politics and realized how much of what passes in churches today did not pass in churches of New Testament times. This formed a strong desire for authentic Christian community in me that would only grow stronger over time.

I went to three separate colleges out of high school but finished none of them due to the conflict I had over what it meant for me to follow Jesus. I no longer had the heart to invest so much in classes and basketball when all I wanted was to give more time to pursuing Christ. So I floundered for a while, grasping for direction, until finally I discovered a small Bible college in the mountains of Pennsylvania that seemed to be the perfect fit.

Everything changed for me there, but I don’t want to go into much detail about that just yet. You can read more of my story by downloading my ebook In Search of the City.

Now I am 34 years old, a husband to Sarah and father to Joshua, Penelope, and Allison. By day I carry mail for the United States Postal Service and by night I pour my heart into words I hope will touch people at their deepest point of need. My journey has been both mundane and exciting as the Lord has proven Himself to be a land of many hills and valleys. Through all the highs and lows I can honestly say that I am captured forever; Christ is my life and my pursuit. Are you seeking to know Him in His fullness? Do you long for a manifestation of God’s Kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven”? Then this blog is for you.

On a lighter note, I’m 6’3 and about 200 lbs; a real meat-and-potatoes kind of guy. Once upon a time I was a halfway decent basketball player, though those days are far behind me now. I love coffee and books and think they go best together. On occasion I will pull out the guitar and strum a few songs, but those moments are rare with three little ones running around the house. And as far as I know I still hold the record for most hard-boiled eggs eaten during a single breakfast at Summit International School of Ministry.


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16 responses to About Josh

  1. You will hold the record forever……

  2. oh, and great picture

  3. And “once upon a time” I believe our class (07) beat yours a few times in basketball, of course you were well under 200 then 🙂

  4. You were a better than average ball-player my friend.

  5. 200 really? To comment on Lucas (07), we bet you a number of games as well.

  6. Hi Josh. The things you are writing about are very exciting to me. Christ, by his Spirit, has been speaking to me about the same things. What adds to this is that you are in the context of being able to live it out. I would love to get in touch with you, but cannot find an email address. Is there a way to make contact?

  7. Hey Ozzy. I’d love to talk. Shoot me an email at j_lawdawg23@hotmail.com.

  8. Hello Josh, I’m a new subscriber. Great to meet you. It’s kind of special to find a likeminded brother on the web.
    Ohio might be a long way from here, but I look forward to hear more of you.
    Cheers from Spain!

  9. Hey Roger. Great to connect with you on here. If I’m ever in Spain I’ll look you up. 🙂

  10. I am from Russia. We are believers who meet at home, recently left denominational institutional church. This is our site http://2seekers.blogspot.com/ My mail: maranafa77@gmail.com

  11. Hello Sergej! Thanks for visiting my site. Where in Russia do you live?

  12. I don’t look at the email very often…sometimes I find 200 emails I have to sort thru. I’m on Facebook, of course.

    Nice blog!

  13. Just to encourage you. I enjoyed some of your writing and recommendations. Sparks, Nee, and others have help me to come to see and experience further the Lord Jesus Christ in my life both individually and corporately. We are in search of the same city. Keep pressing on!

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